Express Facial - 30 min                       $45

Clear Skin Facial - 60 min                   $85

Anti Stress Facial - 60 min                  $85

Anti Ageing Facial - 75 min                $125 

Purifying Spa Facial - 75 min              $125

Men's Fitness Facial - 60 min             $85

Skin Consultation Facial- 15 min        $15

TheraVine - Where Science Meets Natural Beauty.

TheraVine facials are designed specifically for you, using the highest recommended percentages of Internationally acclaimed active ingredients to ensure superlative results.

LED light therapy - is used in facials that require more specialised results, such as acne, hyperpigmentaion and premature aging.


Depending on your skin's needs a combination of Theravine products may be used...every facial is unique and designed specifically for you. 


Hot Stone Massage - 60 min              $105

Relaxation Massage - 60 min             $85

Therapeutic Massage - 60 min          $85

Back, neck, shoulders - 30 min          $55

Indian Head Massage - 20 min          $35



Bikini Line Wax                                     $35

G-string Bikini Line Wax                      $40

Brazilian Wax                                        $60

Full Leg Wax                                         $65

Half Leg Wax                                        $35

Underarm Wax                                     $30

Lip or Chin Wax                                    $20

Back or Chest Wax                              POA


Eye Brow Shape                                 $25

Eye Brow Tint                                     $20

Eye Lash Tint                                      $25

Brow Shape, Tint & Lash Tint           $60

Anti Wrinkle Eye Treatment              $40

LVL Lash Lift                                              $120

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift. It is a stunning alternative to eyelash extensions and has been designed to dramatically enhance your natural eyelashes. 





Colour Change                                $20

Express Manicure                            $30

Deluxe Manicure                             $60

Express Pedicure                             $35

Deluxe Foot Spa Pedicure             $70

French Polish                                 + $15


Escape is very proud to offer the latest break-through in permanent hair removal.  The Depilar system is the cleanest, fastest, completely pain free and most hygienic form of hair removal on offer within the beauty industry.


  • Works on all skin types and hair colours

  • Price per treatment is lower than other lasting methods

  • Permanent results in as little as 4-6 treatments

  • Gentle and efficient with no side effects

  • Solution for those not suitable for IPL/Laser treatments


6 to 10 treatments is recommended for full results.
Prices shown are per treatment and each include waxing.



Chin or Lip                                          $60
Eyebrows                                            $60
Underarm                                            $80
Half Leg                                               $160
Full Leg                                                $230
Basic Bikini                                          $90
G-String                                               $120
Brazilian                                              $165
Back or Chest                                     POA